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Welcome to Eternal Peers!

This site is for the people going to Ireland soon or taking time to plan now.

<Menu& Custom made>  

We provide a courteous support and service: For 2 - 10 people
We are specialized in local area and specific spots which are informationally deprived.

  • Booking & Arrangement for local program, day trip.
    • Accommodation, Land service (transfer by coach)
  • Customize special program. Specifically, spiritual tour, visiting archaeo/astronomical sites et al.
  • We operate specific arrangement for spiritual stay and retreat based on Celtic tradition.

Please feel free to ask,   INQUIRY

Mystery zone & Power spots in Ireland & UK

  • There are many Megalithic Ruins, Power spots, Celtic Culture in Ireland & UK.
  • Ireland is a very green country even during winter time.
    Green is effective for healing. Refresh yourself in land of Emerald green ! 


<Great Ley Line>

Charge up your energy to heal your mind and body at power spots.


There are many Megalithic sites Archaeo-astronomical ruins in Ireland & UK.
Explore such Stone circles and Dolmens to find out mysteries.

Great Ley Line
Aligned ruins & major cities (London,Paris,Rome), powerful spots toward far away to Egypt on the Ley Line.  

What's new?

Information of Ireland

Useful information  Useful Info.

<Great writers and poets, Ireland has produced >

  • In Ireland, there remains Celtic culture to worship with the druidical tradition of monks who wander in the deep forest reciting and playing music to be inspired.
  • This tradition may affect to produce many writers and musicians.
  • Further to Celt & Druid   READ MORE

Poet enchanted with the mystic mountain

Specially in northern-west part of Ireland, there are many mystic spots.
Yeats was enchanted with Ben Bulben changing it's color mystically, and inspired to poetize during wandering around Co. Sligo.  

Novel prized writer   William Butler Yeats
Yeats was one of the foremost figures of literature and awarded Nobel Prize for Literature.

  • He was excel at literature and brilliant in a crow (addressing,lecturing) but had problems in one-to-one relationship to be believed as Asperger syndrome (Autism).
  • Yeats had a life-long interest in mysticism, spiritualism, occultism and astrology to become a member of "The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn".
  • He loved the mountain in Sligo (Ben Bulben) and wished to be buried there but his grave is finally in Drumcliff at the foot of Ben Bulben.


  • We introduce "Down by the Sally Garden" beautiful air with verse by W.B.Yeats who is Novel prized writer and spiritual poet. Listen to healing music on You tube.W
     Sally Garden 

In fairy land, people live with fairy



  • Ireland is known as "Fairy Land" and treasure of legends and folklore.
    They live there with fairies.
    • In Japan people ask Shinto priest to perform a purification ceremony for building new house, similarly in Ireland they perform a ceremony (by Celtic monk) to prevent from blocking fairy's passage.
  • Along the road of "Ring of Kerry", signpost is warning "Leprechaun crossing".
  • Leprechaun is loved old shoemaking fairy who hides a pot of gold coins at rainbow's end.

Legends of St. Patrick


  • The Ceremony lit the fire announcing the beginning of spring had been held by High Kings until St. Patrick broke this sacred custom to draw most attention for starting his mission to convert.
  • Another legend of St. Patrick is most known for driving the snakes from Ireland. Some tales tell that he stood on a hill and used a wooden staff to drive the snakes into the sea and banished them forever from Ireland.
  • It is true that Ireland has no snakes.
  • The names of Patrick & Patricia are very popular in Ireland respecting St. Patrick.


  • St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. -The word "shamrock" comes from the Gaelic word "seamrog" (In irish, it means "summer plant") meaning "trefoil" (three leafed) or "little clover".
  • In Arabia, it is called shamrakh. It was a sacred emblem in Iran and to the Persian triads.
  • It is also a sacred plant among the Druids. Shamrock is the national flower of Ireland.