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Megalithic & Spiritual  Sites in UK

Power spots in UK, are well recognized such as Stonehenge, Uffington and Glastonbury.

1. Stonehenge

Stonehenge 1

  • Stonehenge is on the Salisbury Plain, 200km west of London, 13km north-west of Salisbury , suddenly appearing megalithic circle.
  • The origin of this site still remains inconclusive, some believe in “ancient observatory “, others commit ” sacred place where Druids have rituals”.
  • Ancient Astronomical Observatory theory by Gerald Hawkins, astronomer in June, 1961 around summer solstice, Hawkins had observed with computers to verify sunrise on summer solstice from heal stone to forward to the central altar Druids stone.
  • Sacred Site for Rituals worshiping sun or Healing Spot, Concluded by archaeologists of Bournemouth University from excavation that Stonehenge was a place of healing and religious ceremony.druid_at_stonehenge
  • Accounted for the high number of burials in the area and for the evidence of trauma deformity in some of the grave.
  • 300 years ago, John Aubrey had suggested that Stonehenge was probably the religious temple for Druids since then Druids began their annual summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge.
  • Stonehenge of “Druid Temple” theory is accused  as miss interpretation, but it is obvious that Stonehenge is a spiritual spot, and some believe as “healing spot” where they could charge the energy of healing to enforce the power of Druid or  such as second sight  or magnetic power.
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2. Grastonbury 

Glastonbury is believed as Avalon, the legend of kind Arther.

  • From Salisbury plain that is the location of Stonehenge and Glastonbury to St. Michaels Mount, power spots are aligned on so called M & M line of which extended line  to Mont Saint-Michel in France is said as the course of flying UFO by many eye-witness reports.

Glastonbury Tor

  • Glastonbury Tor is towering alike upset boat at the oglastonbury_torutside of Glastonbury town, where there supposed to be a gateway to other world.
  • Atop of Tor, there is a tower of St. Michael built in 14C, and around this tower, there is a spiral gap which is suggested as 3 dimensional maze.
  • Glastonbury is on the St. Michael & St. Mary ley lines (M & M) , a powerful spiritual sacred site to attract attention of most people among the numerous power spots in UK.
  • At Glastonbury, various events such as Jazz and rock festivals.

Chalice well

  • Chalice well is a holy well or springChalice well in the beautiful garden.
  • Chalice (literal meaning cup) well is linked the suggestion that this is the place where Joseph of Arimathea placed the chalice linking the Well to the wealth of speculation surrounding the existence of the Holy Grail.
  • Christ came here with Joseph of Arimathea, and might have a chance to contact Druid to learn the esoteric secret (healing the sick and do miracle).
  • John Lennon came to Chalice well to have been inspired to write his song “Imagine” .

3. Uffington 

In the area of Uffington, Oxfordshire, England, prehistoric ruins are scattered.   Surrounding area near from famous “White Horse” shown as on map has legendary spots as follows:

Dragon Huffington_mapill(1)   “White Ho”rse(2)  The Manger(3)   Uffington castle(4)

3-1 Dragon Hill

  • It has been suggested as some sort of Iron Age ritual site associated with the nearby hill-figure.
  • Dragon Hill is a natural chalk hill with an artificial flat-top (situated to the east of White Horse hill) to which clings the legend that it was on its summit that St. George slew the dragon.
  • The blood from the dying dragon so poisoned the ground beneath that grass never grows there.

3-2 “White Horse”


  • Uffington White Horse is thought to be the oldest hill figure in Britain to date back as far as 1000 BC in the late Bronze Age.
  • The mystery of why the horse was created still remains.
  • It can only been seen fully fro the air, so perhaps it was a sign to the ancient gods, or mark of territorial ownership.

3-3 The Manger


  • The steep sided dry valley below the horse is known as the Manger (literal meaning). Ripples in the eastern valley side are known as the Giant’s Stairs.
  • Folklore suggest that the manger is the supernatural feeding place for the white Horse which would travel from its vantage point on the crest of the hill on moonlit night.

3-4 Uffington castle


  • The Iron Age hill fort known as Uffington Castle is located atop knoll, about 262m high, the highest point in this area.
  • This rampart comprises an area if approximately 3 hectares enclosed by a single well-preserved bank and ditch. The original west entrance remains.



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