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Ross Lunula (Sun/Moon Calculator or clock ?)


  • The Lunula is one of the best known of the early Irish gold styles as its shape does suggest the New Moon.
  • There are two definite centers within its form, in a proportion of approximately two (inner) to three (outer) circumferences.

Collar of Druidic monk


  • This magnificent gold collar from the Bronze Age was worn round the neck of Druidic monk. (National Museum in Dublin, Ireland)
  • Examine this collar and you will find the fact that there are 11 sun-discs on each flanges (totally 22 discs on both), then count the elliptical bows of the collar, there are 7 elevated lines (representing 7 rays of light).
    • As you know, 22/7 is Pi or π (3.14、、、、、), mathematical proportion of circular and three dimensional geometry.
  • Three is sacred number for druids.
    Origin of "Temple or Shrine" is from "Chimple" meaning round enclosure or circled spot.