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Celt & Druid

What's Celt?  And Druid?
Definitions of Celt and Druid are frequently confused. A Celt is an ethnic group and a Druid was member of the priestly and or learned class in Celt.

Celt  Wise man

  • The Celts are not races but those who spoke, or speak, Celtic languages and those who participate in a Celtic culture.
  • The Celtic is oral culture heliolithic, worshiping megalithic stones, dendrolatry, and animism to feel spirituality in every nature, rivers, holy well etc.


  • Celtic languages have certain differences in a few language system depending on districts.
  • Celtic languagesーphonetique grouping  P-Celtic has often "p" sound instead of  ”q”、”k”、”c”sounds.
    • IRELAND Gaelic - Q-Celtic     SCOTLAND Gaelic - Q-Celtic 
    • WALES(UK) Welsh - P-Celtc   CORNWALL (UK) Cornish - P-Celtic
    • Bretagne FRANCE)Breton - P-Celtic 

Druid  " Knowledge of the Oak"

  • Druid has meanings "knowledge" "one with knowledge of the oak" "magic" "one with magical power", and such elite group of priestly and or learned class as philosopher, teacher, prophet, magician, oracle and people with spiritual power.


    • Druid
      • Greek --- Drus ( = Oak )  Dryad ( = Tree or Wood Nymph )
      • Gaelic --- Daur ( = Oak ) Draoi ( = Magician )

The underground of stone circle

The radius of the stone circle equals to depth of energy crossing point Druids found with a pendulum or hazel rods.


  • Underground water-flow crossing point makes source of energy spiral or Voltex. 
  • This center of the circle is the zero point of energy balancing negative (below ground) and positive (above ground) spirals.

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